Amazing Yoopers was developed for you. Yes, you. Regardless of whether you are a young person growing up in the Upper Peninsula, an adult living in the Upper Peninsula or an organization making the Upper Peninsula better, this campaign has something for you.


The Amazing Yoopers you will see profiled are inspiring. They have overcome obstacles, chased their dreams and given back to their communities. Although sometimes living in the Upper Peninsula may seem difficult, keep pushing forward. Take advantage of the opportunities and resources available in your areas. We’ve put together a list of programs for youth on the “Get Involved” tab. Check it out and don’t be afraid to try something new.


The idea that all young people need supports and opportunities to make a successful transition to adulthood is the driving force behind this campaign. We call this Positive Youth Development (PYD). PYD builds on young people’s strengths and recognizes their unique contributions and helps them acquire knowledge and skills they need to become healthy and productive adults.1

Even though the U.P. is a rural area, researchers in other rural areas across the USA have found that what rural communities may lack in formal resources, they make up for in informal networks, a sense of community, and the desire to “help each other out” and “roll up their sleeves and help.” 2

This is where YOU come in. Your involvement and support on behalf of youth is what makes this area a truly amazing place for young people to grow up. If you need ideas or suggestions on how to get involved or support your area youth, check out the organizations on the “Get Involved” tab, or check out this blog.


On the “Get Involved” tab, you will find a variety of programs, listed by region, that serve youth. Many of these programs are replicable. Included in the listing is the contact person for the program. If you believe your community could benefit from adding a program, we encourage you to connect. GLCYD is here to help support the expansion of sustainable, replicable, youth-serving initiatives in communities across the Upper Peninsula. For more information on how GLCYD can help, contact us at or 906-228-8919 x113.